Effective March 15, 2020, the Canadian Macedonian Place Foundation and all of its independent seniors’ apartments are closed to outside visitation. We are encouraging our Residents to “shelter in place” and avoid contact with each other as much as possible. We understand that this is an emotional time for everyone and are doing our utmost to keep our community safe.


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850 O’Connor Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4B 3L6

Phone: (416) 755 - 9231
Fax: 416.755.9232
E-mail: zcokov@canadianmacedonianplace.com or mdonakovski@canadianmacedonianplace.com or sjakimovska@canadianmacedonianplace.com

Board of Directors


George Markou

Past President

Marilyn Trentos

Vice Presidents

Chris G. Paliare
Stanley A. Thomas


Kathy Dimoff


Michael R. Stoyan


Helen Argiro
Sue Argiros
Alex Mishos
Susan Niczowski
Jim Nikopoulos
Chris Popalis
Peter Simeon
Dr Chris Stefanovich
Vonna Bitove
Paul Christie
Christopher Antaris

Signing Officer

Tom Ylkos

CMP Support Staff

Zlatka Cokov

Phone: (416) 755 - 9231 x 100
Fax: (416) 755 - 9232
E-mail: zcokov@canadianmacedonianplace.com

Margarita Donakovski
Assistant Administrator

Snezana Jakimovska
Assistant Administrator

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