Effective March 15, 2020, the Canadian Macedonian Place Foundation and all of its independent seniors’ apartments are closed to outside visitation. We are encouraging our Residents to “shelter in place” and avoid contact with each other as much as possible. We understand that this is an emotional time for everyone and are doing our utmost to keep our community safe.

Mission & Goals

Our Vision

To be recognized within the community as a home that celebrates the Macedonian culture and heritage and provides accommodations for Seniors capable of living independently.

Our Values

We play a vital role in support of Macedonian heritage and culture. We strive to bring the Macedonian and Canadian cultures closer together. We wish to create and support community involvement. We show respect, and support the feeling of self-dignity, to all our residents. We help bring a healthy lifestyle to the individuals that reside in CMP. We support and encourage family involvement and care. We value diversity in ethnicity.

Our Mission

To provide quality, affordable accommodations and companionship to Seniors of all backgrounds with an aim to encourage the vibrant Macedonian culture in the city of Toronto, Ontario and all of Canada.


  • Support and celebrate the Macedonian culture
  • Offer companionship to all residents
  • Provide quality accommodations
  • Provide affordable housing


    Macedonian Culture

  • Use the Macedonian language in the facility by staff and residents
  • Ethnic based entertainment and events
  • Macedonian decorations (paintings, photographs, artifacts)


  • Community areas (dining and common area)
  • Social Events, in-house and out
  • Open door office policy with staff

    Quality Accommodations

  • Clean, safe, contemporary

    Affordable Housing

  • Limited subsidy available
  • Ethnic Mandate Change

Be a Volunteer

We support High School Volunteer Credits. Our many fundraising events welcome your volunteer time and talents!

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